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Meekly's #4 Christmas 2020

Hi all!

I just wanted to share a few things I've been doing during this festival period. Though this years been tough, I've continued to teach online and run a virtual community choir. I've brushed up my recording skills and been able to work on recording and promotion for projects. I'm also very excited to say my first album is well on the way!!

I recently did a 'Live Stream Carol Concert' from St Canna's Alehouse which was lovely! I performed some of my own compositions, a few arrangements of Carols and played some traditional Carols for viewers to sing along with. Here is a clip of 'Joy to The World'.

Second, The St Canna's Community Choir has continued to meet weekly via Zoom. As well as choir buddies, we've become a pretty great group of friends! We wanted to spread some Christmas Cheer through the community and planned a socially distanced concert from 'St Canna's' garden.

Lastly, each year at Christmas, Swansea Jazzland do a Christmas Concert! Dave Cottle (Swansea Jazz) and his brothers, Lawrence and Richard come together and what a treat we're all in for! This year, its gone virtual and lucky me is the singer! We recorded a few Christmas songs and they have since had airtime on BBC Radio Wales. Here is the whole medley! (Pick out the jokes as you go...)

Enjoy! Thank you to my Musician friends, my students and all involved in the choir for your patience and belief in me as I've adapted to this virtual world! Also, thanks to those supporters/subscribers here and on social media for your ongoing support and kind words. Theres no music without an audience! Lets keep the show running! Thank you all.

Merry Christmas/ Nadolig Llawen

Sarah x

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1 Comment

Martin Fisher
Martin Fisher
Dec 23, 2020

Well done for keeping busy Sarah, enjoy your Christmas,

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