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Meekly's #2 The Importance of ‘Community’

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

For my next blog, I’d like to speak very honestly about the work I greatly miss.

After a short stint of volunteering beginning of 2017, I was fortunate enough to become a weekly leader of a Music group working with adults with additional needs. Wow how I was nervous! Theres the saying, ‘Be yourself’ and there’s the killer question you ask yourself, ‘Am I good enough?’

Their current teacher was brilliant, confident and taught me lessons on dealing with situations I hadn’t come across. She had a confidence in me- Step one to accepting you can do this. As an already emphathetic person, I’ve always wanted to help others with difficulties. I’m not the most practical person and have stumbled through life unsure and disappointed with the lack of excitement, fun, passion and love that only one thing in life truly gives me- Music.

Sure this was a new musical task. To lead and to teach! During college I was the terrified one in the corner. I knew that to be able to lead this, I absolutely needed confidence. How do I do this? Fake it of course! I mean, theres a plus here. No judges, no grades. My own intuition, real life! I took the responsibility of being a leader into my own hands.

What did I learn from it? Well, firstly what I learned from sharing music with guys with additional needs, there is no time like the present! So live in the moment- Sing from your heart and love what you sing! Something you can’t learn in any college course.

Secondly, it reiterated the beauty of humanity for me- No matter background or circumstance, we can all learn from one another.

Thirdly, belief! Belief in oneself. Something I admittedly have struggled with.

Unfortunately due to current circumstances group work has currently been postponed. I wanted to tell you about this group specifically as every week we meet and everybody supports one another, dances together. Life loses inhibitions and joy is created through Music.

The one group i’ve managed to continue virtually is St Canna’s Community Choir. With the help and commitment of members, we’re able to meet every week via ‘Zoom’. Though the technology barrier can be quite difficult at times, being able to continue to sing with others is something very warming for the soul. We’re currently working on a gorgeous track I’ll be able to share with you in due time.

For now I’ll share a simple pop number from my SarahMCares playlist I made for my weekly group at the beginning of lockdown. I wouldn’t believe anybody who said they didn’t know the words to the chorus at least.

I’m so very grateful I can help in the community with music. Hopefully, we will be back sooner than later.

For now, lets have a good ole sing a long to Mama Mia

This weekend Sunday 10th May 7.30pm, I will sing a short half hour set of similar feel good tunes for #Covaidlockdownlive Cardiff. Catch this on the #Covaidlockdownlive page on Facebook or my own page. Many thanks.

See you next week!

Sarah x

Facebook- sarahmeekmusic

Instagram- sarah_meek

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