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Meekly's #1 Vocal Warm up Video

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Hi guys! Hope everybody is well!

For my first post I'd like to share a short, basic vocal warm up video I made to help with singing. Perhaps it's something you'd like to improve on or a new skill you fancy learning during lockdown.

We're currently living in a very uncertain time. Theres many worries about work, finances, relationships etc for many. Basic breathing and singing is wonderful for the soul! For reducing anxiety and releasing happy hormones! (Future blog post perhaps?!)

The Exercises covered are,

Basic breathing

Short 'ha' sounds

Lip rolls

Short Scales 'Ah'

Sirens- Pitch glides 'Eeeh'

Hope you enjoy and find this video informative/useful!

Also check out,

Facebook- sarahmeekmusic

Instagram- sarah_meek

See you next week for some more Music!

Sarah x

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